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Matthew E. Jess BComm, PMP


Matthew brings a versatile skillset and a strong understanding of methodical project management to all that Jessco undertakes. He contributes his wealth of experience in project management, business administration, tourism and hospitality, branding and communications, intellectual property strategy, new technology commercialization and entrepreneurship.

In addition, Matthew has over 20 years of guiding and outfitting experience. He grew up working at the family lodge - the world's most northerly eco-tourist lodge - called Arctic Watch. A one-of-a-kind facility located on the Northwest Passage, it catered to the high-end adventure tourism market and offered experiences of nature that had the lodge booked for five years in advance.

Matthew has over 18 years of entrepreneurial experience. Over that time he has managed a diversity of logistics, transportation, technology development, communication and media projects as well as film and television production in some of the continent's most challenging environments. From an early age, he has been involved with and developed in-depth knowledge of the entire life cycle of the entrepreneurial process.

Matthew has extensive hands-on experience in new technology development and commercialization, including business plan development, financial structuring, intellectual property strategy and contracts management. In 2009, Matthew was one of the youngest vice presidents in the aerospace and defense industry. Having led the SkyHook development project for over six years, he oversaw the aircraft design process by a 60-person engineering team within the Boeing Company's Rotor Craft Division and worked with potential customers to develop the technology's business case. Matthew was also in charge of the firm's corporate strategy, branding and communications implementation.

Subsequently, Matthew and his father Pete undertook a number of other start-ups including Complete Expeditions, a superyacht guiding company taking yachts through the Northwest Passage, AeroMarine Innovations, a company developing a patented new hull-form and Uplink Aviation, a company concerned with the safe integration of UAVs into standard industry aviation operations.

Matthew completed his Bachelor of Commerce with Distinction in 2015 at the Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary, Canada. He received his Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification in 2017. He is also a lifetime inductee of the Beta Gamma Sigma Honors Society. Matthew is a life-long learner with endless curiosity. He is currently completing his Commercial Pilot's Licence and learning computer programming in his spare time.


Peter E. Jess

1953 - 2018

Pete passed away on January 24, 2018 at the age of 64. He departed us much too soon. Pete was the definition of a serial entrepreneur. The founder of Jessco Logistics Ltd., its operations reflect his fearless entrepreneurial spirit and his renowned experience in remote area logistics, project management and new technology development.

Over the course of his 45-year career, he worked as a commercial helicopter pilot, senior operations executive and project manager as well as a visionary entrepreneur launching disruptive technology ventures in diverse markets.

In the early years of his career, he was a manager in the arctic oil and gas exploration of the '70s and '80s with Panarctic Oils and Dome Petroleum. He led a research team that developed the first approved under-ice oil spill mitigation techniques as well as the first ice-flow towing techniques that are still in use to this day. He was field-producer on numerous film and television documentaries in the remote reaches of the arctic for National Geographic, BBC, Tokyo 12, ProSieben and other companies. In the '80s He conceived, designed, manufactured and operated the world's smallest underwater remote operating vehicles. Later, he founded and operated the world's most northerly eco-tourist lodge, Arctic Watch. Pete also conceived of, designed, patented and developed a new aircraft, SkyHook and partnered with The Boeing Company to commercialize it.

His list of contracted scientific, military engineering and nuclear industry projects ranged from large-scale aerospace development and commercialization projects, specialized equipment design and development, to logistics and project management.

With this breadth of experience, Pete was in demand for dozens of high profile experimental projects including Germany's reintroduction of the heavy lift airship for CargoLifter in the late '90s.

Along the way, he has cultivated an eclectic network of industry experts and specialists upon whom he could call to assist in developing solutions for his clientele. Pete attributed his success to the relationships that he has forged over the decades and his inexhaustible curiosity. Right until the end, Pete never stopped asking 'Why not?'.

Please find his obituary here and an online version here.




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