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Founded by Pete Jess, over the last 35 years, Jessco has provided flexible and confidential project management services to a diverse clientele throughout the Canadian arctic and other remote areas of the world.

Jessco stands out because of the pioneering nature of its activities. The company is a trailblazer in numerous fields including field logistics, technology development and eco-tourism. Jessco is a full-service project management and consultancy firm which manages projects at any stage along the continuum from idea to commercialization.


Safety + Integrity + Respect + Discovery


These values permeate every project undertaken and are evident to anyone who works with Jessco. The following values guide the behaviour of Jessco and define its place:

Safety – Jessco’s primary focus, no matter the scope of the project, is safety. Because of the remote nature of many projects Jessco has led, preserving health and safety of all personnel has been a non-negotiable element. Remoteness from modern healthcare facilities increases risk to projects that most companies would overlook. Jessco has an unblemished record for safety and made this a guiding principle of the firm before it was fashionable in industry. In the early days of Pete’s career, he was on the frontlines combatting the old ‘get-‘r-done’ attitudes, to the point that some companies would avoid using Jessco’s services because ‘they were too safety conscious’. Jessco no longer runs into such biases and finds its clientele share its focus on safety.

Integrity – While virtuous, honesty is not always a main priority in every firm, Jessco consistently emphasizes the importance of actions and outcomes being determined by strong moral principles. Jessco does not ever recommend a course of action for a client that it would not consider doing itself.

Respect – Jessco’s long list of highly influential industry contacts are evidence of the respect earned by Jessco since its inception. Project partners from the past are eager to work with Jessco on new initiatives and learn very quickly to trust the experience and insight the firm brings to each project.

Discovery – Risk is an important factor for any firm to consider. Jessco’s tolerance for the unknown has allowed it to undertake projects that other firms would not even consider. Canada’s arctic is a vast area, with parts still uncharted, yet it has been the epicentre of numerous Jessco ventures of the past three decades. Pete’s unceasing curiosity has spurred Jessco to successfully undertake projects that many people told him ‘could not be done.’


Remote area support services Jessco provides include:

  • Guiding and outfitting
  • Field logistics (camp construction and operation, remote resupply)
  • Arctic marine operations (ice navigation, supply and support)
  • Cold weather support (program design and management)
  • Ice engineering (road and airstrip construction, ice blasting and trenching)
  • Government permitting and licensing (land use permits, local permits and consultation/negotiation with local stakeholders)
  • Specialized personnel (arctic experts, ice-pilots, Inuit guides)
  • Commercial diving and underwater/under-ice operations
  • Heavy-lift remote transport and positioning (land/sea/air)
  • Specialty equipment design and supply


Jessco services the oil and gas, mining, engineering and film industries as well as research institutions and adventure/eco-tourism operations.

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